And then there were 3

For the last 3 Art Field Trips it’s been just Jane and I. Today Jane’s friend Leeann joined us. The theme was “bring a still life object.” I knew we were in business when Leeann pulled out a toy which went well with my rubber ducky. Par usual our conversations ranged from art to work as well as the techniques we used. Leeann went high tech and drew on her iPad while Jane and I stuck to our sketchbooks.

Many cups of coffee were drunk between the 3 of us. As we talked Leeann explained her friend’s project, a sketchbook exchange. One person drew on one page, the next responded on the following page. We talked about 1000 Journals and the MolyX moleskine exchange and how fun it would be to do an exchange ourselves. And thus the art field trip sketchbook exchange was born.

We headed down to artist & craftsman and each purchased a 6.5×9.5 inch Holbein multi drawing book with a fabric tie, coil bound with fabulous hard covers and lovely 110lb multimedia paper. The idea is that we each draw on the left page and then the next person responds on the next page, each time the Art Field Trip group meets we exchange. I can’t wait to see what we each do, as our styles are so different.

I’ll be honest, I’ve balked at the idea of art journal exchanges because, I’ve been burnt in the past. I was a member of and lost several packages of ATC and a journal to the bowels of the exchange and theft. This time I know the participants and we’re going to see each other every 2 weeks. No pesky USPS involved. Frankly I’m excited.

Of course a trip to Artist &Craftsman leaves me busy purchasing way too many art supplies.