Emotional Event

Those of you who follow me on twitter saw my pathetic tweet: I didn't expect this to be an emotional event, failure is hard for me. I got more than a few DM and tweets asking the same question, “Is everything okay?”

While it’s still an in motion event and I can’t write much about it right now, but will in about a week. I can tell you this: I’ve made a decision that leaves me emotional but also relieved. I strive to be the best in all that I do and I’ve been struggling with this choice for some weeks now and finally have decided that the best thing is to follow my heart and not my mind, though it is hard for me.*

I have been frustrated, angry and sad for the last few weeks and I’ve been harping on it. Today while talking to my friend I told her, “I’m harping on this and I need to stop.” It hit me that I need take some action. I’ve taken that needed action and it will make my life much more positive in the future. Right now it’s a tough choice.

What I can tell you is that my time should open up again, my Monday Ustream should become more regular again and I’ll be more able to focus on developing more classes. While I’m a little freaked out at the step I’ve taken I know it will lead to far more productivity and a more balanced life in the long run.

This of course goes with the month’s theme of “following your passion.”


*The emotional aspect MAY have to do with PMS but that should not diminish the power of me being emotional, it’s just magnified everything.