I arrived in Maine safely after a 6 hour drive with a few leisurely stops* to stretch my legs and investigate the Maine reststops. My advice, there is no investigation needed they are pure gross.

Jonesboro seems to only change with the seasons. It's quiet and peaceful. The silence is ony disturbed by dumptrucks full of sand traveling to the town "sand pile" in preparation for winter. Back and forth they go, load after load.

I thought I would have missed peak leaf season but a quick look around the farm shows me alizarin crimson blueberry fields framed in the bright yellow of aspen and oak. Dotted with the red of the maples and all framed further by the dark evergreen of fir and spruce. Many of the trees have dropped their leaves but those that remain are intensely colored and begging to be painted or drawn.

As much as this area was once my home, I'm deeply aware that I'm "from" here and don't necessarily belong here. This is no longer MY place. I've felt this way for close to 7 years. At some point after you move from what is your hometown to a new place you transition to being at home there. What was formerly home, feels good but not as right as it once did. So here I am sitting in my choldhood home, writing this post on an unfamiliar computer that is not set up for someone of my height; musing on the colors and chill of my hometown and how I've grown out of it.

I had forgotten how much I love this season in Jonesboro. The air is crisp, the sun is warm and the colors are bright. Harvest is nearly over and Halloween is almost here. I could tell you many stories of school time shenanigans but we'll leave those to memory.

On a quick side note- I have no cell service here, which means I can't check twitter or facebook unless I'm on my laptop. I might see if I can check my cell over in Machias, but I'm suspecting I won't get service there either.

*I admit I started this mini-vacation with a trip to AC Moore. I needed to pick up paper for a new book I'm making but I also had a 50% off coupon. I needed gel medium. I also stopped at marden's to see if htey had anything I might like for art journaling- I found some glue and that was about it.