A moment, from my lunch break

Every time I sit down at my computer I’m intensely aware that on the other side of the information super highway are people who read my blog, take my classes, and are members of artjournaling.ning.com I want to take a moment to say:

Thanks, you rock.

Each and everyone of you inspires me and supports me in what I do.

I am humbled that people want to read/listen to what I have to say. I’m grateful that you are here again and again. I’m in awe of the submissions for my art project. When you comment on the blog I appreciate it more than you know.

Here’s my promise, I won’t get to full of myself and if I do, you can tell me. I like honesty in a relationship, and hope you do too. I like to talk and I’m glad you like to listen and I’ll never take that for granted. I hope to always “keep it real.” If I don’t you know what to do.