Issue 2 of the Zine

Two months ago we put together a publication, throughout the time we were working on it, about 4 months, we called it the “Top Secret Project.” We all wrote about it, we had a great time working on it and it is awesome. We learned a lot about publishing an eZine in that time, things to do and things not to do. Our goal in the 2nd issue was to put that newly learned info to use add 10 more pages to the mix and produce an even better eZine.

We accomplished that goal. Issue 2 comes in at 55 pages and is packed with lots of information about working in an art journal with no stress. There are 101 journal prompts inside, 2 book reviews, articles by Connie of, Jonathan of, Eveline of, Klair of Rhomany’s Realm, and of course an article by me, loads of technique pages and we’re introducing a scholarship program. This issue is even better than issue #1.

For each issue we only take enough of the profits to cover expenses. The rest of the money is donated toward a charity that deals with art. We found the wonderful UCSF’s art for recovery program. They use expressive (art) therapy to help cancer patients’ deal with their illness. It’s a fantastic program and one that we will most likely donate to in the future. In short if you haven’t bought the new issue of the zine you’re totally missing out and really should consider picking it up. Its well worth every penny of the $5 we charge.

Find it here.