Submissions and Participation Needed

A friend contacted me in regards to working in an art show with her. She remembered some of my work from visiting my best friend back when we were roommates. My work has come a long way from the stuff I did back them. (Acrylics on paper, linoleum prints and hacked screenprinting) But the concept for the show is this: Women’s role in society. All artist’s involved will be contemplating that theme.

Here’s what I’m thinking, I want to do what I do best and get my readers involved. Sure I could explore, ad nauseum, my personal role in society but what interests me more is the stores from my internet friends. So I’m soliciting your stories. If you are interested in participating answer a few questions:

  • What is your role in society/relationship?
  • Do you see that role as traditional/non-traditional?
  • How do you express your role?
  • What do you think is the biggest current issue for women?

Write an essay and email it to or hand write the essay, scan it at 300dpi or better and email it to me. Length is up to you, but 500 words or more would be best. Deadline for submissions is January 1st, 2011.

Your essay will be expanded to fill up a board of as of yet indetermined size. (Looks likely to be 12×12 inches) I'll use the same font through out. The essay will then be transfered to the board and I'll respond in my grungy art journal style. Lots of layers of color, glazes and multi media. Let me know in the submission if you want me to use full first name, initials or if you'd like it anonymous.

 I'll be making between 9 and 16 pieces depending on size. Depending on number of submissions I may have my collaborator pick the submissions that will be used for the pieces for the show. It may be a project like the facebook face project, where finished pieces go online, and it becomes an ongoing project. I know that much of the work will be done on UStream.