Not So Wordy Wednesday

It’s wordy Wednesday again! How the time flies. I’ve been sick, yet again, some sort of sinus thing and I managed to catch a company policy manual with my face. Needless to say I’ve been feeling a little under the weather and foolish.  Paper cuts on the nose will do that to you, every time.

I’ve been in a rut.  There I said it. I haven’t written in about 2 weeks. I’ve done some art but it hasn’t held the kind of feeling that I usually get from it. Instead it’s been flat, lifeless, and without passion. Add to that my weird sinus issue seems to be back, after only a week of it being gone and well I’m making excuses. My face and sinuses hurt, though I suspect the book to the face only did minor damage and really the issue is with my sinus issues.

Excuses. Really I need to let them go and get back to doing what I do. Writing and art needs to be something I stop avoiding, well I’m not avoiding I’m simply too tired after a full day at the DayJob to really get anything done.

I can’t wait for spring, this cold snow filled winter really has been hard.