Technique Tuesday: Poster Marker

This image is a little different from the stuff you usually see me post. It's a fat load of writing. The paper is 140# Strathmore cold pressed watercolor paper. It's got a nice texture, handles a variety of media well, and survives abuse. It's also thick enough that alcohol inks don't soak through too easily. IN this case I've covered the ENTIRE left hand page with one of those fat red marks-a-lot poster markers with a inch wide nib. The page smelled incredibly bad for days. I don't recomend this treatment if you don't like the small of sharpies.

After that I used a variety of pens to write on the surface. I also applied watercolors over the top. On the right hand page I wrote the word red with the poster marker and then used rubbing alcohol to blend the edges. After that I added yellow watercolor and then wrote.

These are simple pages but were fun and effective.

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