Face Experiment

THe last 2 weeks I've been hard at work on 3 things: Typing up the new class, the Facebook Face Experiment and Sketching.

The new class is morphing as I type my handwritten words into text on teh computer, and it's morphing in a good way. It's becomgin more than I thought at first. I'm really examining how I've written in my journals and used my journals over the last 20 odd years. Exciting!

I rejuvenated the Face Experiment, this time with a focus on color and exploring that color. Head over checkout the images and submit your face!

Sketching has been going really well. I start with rough guidelines in pencil and add to them with fountain pens. It's been pretty fun sketching useless things like used tea bags and bottle caps. they really are things you jusy don't expect to see elevated up to the level of "art.' I have a few ideas that have derived from these sketches and I'm hoping to work on them. No big ideas but ideas…

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