Less Wordy Weekender: Lesson Learned

I got an email a couple of days ago; it was one of those messages that made me think. First it really made me angry because of the context. Words I’d had with someone were taken out of their true context, warped and suddenly a molehill became a mountain. So it goes. The thing that came of this is that it made me think, and think long and hard.

I’m sarcastic. I’ve been sarcastic my whole life. I look for the humor in things to make it easier for me that often translate to sarcasm. It’s not something I am interested in changing.  Sometimes I try and mask my negative emotions- anger and sadness with sarcasm. It comes off as negativity, and yeah it is. I took a look at some of the stuff I’ve been taking part in and the people I’ve been talking to and realize I’ve been feeding into negativity. I’ve let people manipulate me into saying things I don’t necessarily want to share. In a way I’ve fed the internet trollz. I may have done it behind the scenes but I still fed the drama seekers.  I look back to the attack here on my blog and see that after that, it was as if I opened the door to the drama, and then forgot to close it when I started to get back to business as usual. I had a lot of people who rallied around me, and that was great but a few people who rallied around me used it as an opportunity to get past my usually high guard and then use what I say in private against me.

In the future I’ll certainly be more careful of whom I trust with conversations I intend to be a private.  I chalk this up to a lesson learned.

So I've been thinking that I should, as Connie says, Just Paint!