Clean your pens

So I'm a bad technical pen owner. I have a set of Koh-i-noor Rapidocraft pens that I've used all sorts of unspeakable inks in, waterproof inks that dry to a crusty gunk on the pen, sealing parts shut and making them difficult to clean. As a result, I tossed them in a drawer and.. forgot about them.

Fast forward several months later and I want to use them only, well, crusted shut and needing to be cleaned, badly.

I soaked the pens in a warm soapy sink for 30 minutes, softening teh crusty bits and allowing me to open everything up. After another 45 minutes of disassemply, squeezing water through with a bulb syringe, and scrubbing the pens are clean. They are not pristine, the unspeakable ink has clouded the clear plastic sections on some of the pens but not all.

I've inked them up with Noodler's Black. This bulletproof ink won't crust up and will clean off with ease should I forget my pen in a drawer for 4 months…