Review Redux: Piccadilly Sketchbook

I’m one to admit when I’m wrong, and my initial review of the Picadilly sketchbook, while accurate was incorrectly negative. I have grown to adore the Piccadilly sketchbook precisely for all the reasons I hated it. It’s worthless paper and cheap construction are in this case benefits. Sure the paper is about as absorbent as toilet paper and drawing on it with ink is a cockling nightmare and too much ink will soak through. That absorbency forces me to work fast, loose, and with little care.

THAT is exactly what a sketchbook should be- worthless until it’s filled. The inexpensive nature of this sketchbook is what makes it perfect for sketching. It’s $6 (or was it $5) give me little pause when I simply turn the page when I hate a sketch or it doesn’t turn out right. I flip the page and move to the next. I leave the bad behind and start working on something better. If I only spend 5 minutes on  a page, who cares? The sketchbook has 100 pages of crappy paper. Move on.

I’ve filled dozens of sketchbooks over the years, some with great wonderful paper, stuff that was a joy to work on. Stuff that came out to 50 cents or more per page. I’ve filled my hand bound journals with expensive and cheap paper.

This little sketchbook in its inexpensive glory caused me to work with abandon and that is it’s secret perfection.