Wordy Wednesday: drugs kill talent

Today’s Wordy Wednesday is late and a little different.

In my lifetime I’ve seen enough loss to drugs and alcohol that I’d never like to see it again. Friends in high school and college got into drunk driving accidents and died and later people from back home overdosed on various drugs. I grew up in a small community and my high school only had 400 students and 88 in my graduating class. Where I grew up you know everyone, people who were your friends and those who were not.

I got word on Monday that a guy that went to my high school and was a few years behind me died. He was a talented musician who was doing well with his music. He’d broken into the local music scene in central Maine and essentially he was doing well.

But, he was, according to various people I know and the news paper article linked here, addicted to drugs and booze. While I did not know Ian on a personal level, he was friends with my ex and I’d seen him perform on more than one occasion. He was a great performer and an amazing musician. I’m sad that drugs have yet again taken someone who had talent.

One might say that this is a symptom of a greater problem, one of the extreme amounts of drug use where I grew up. One could say a million different things. Right now what I’ve written is all I can say.