Wordy Wednesday: Spring Fever

I’ve been making a ton of art lately. I was talking to a friend of mine about how the art gets in your head and forces you to consider it all the time. For instance I walk my dogs and think I should bring my camera in case I see something cool that I might want to take a picture of because it might possibly someday make a good watercolor. My dogs hate walking with me because I’m constantly staring at stuff.

For instance, down the street where the VW place used to be is a giant backhoe. It’s big yellow, blue and white with bold red lettering. I’ve shot a bunch of pictures of it, while trying not to trespass, and yet not caring if I do. Why? Who knows? Will I ever make art using the pics? I have no clue.

I go through phases like this where everything is intensely about art. Later I’ll have a phase where all I do is write but the writing is all about art. There are swings. It’s okay to have swings. It’s natural. Sometimes the swings are from media to media mostly it’s between art and writing.*

This dismal grey winter was a bit much and I’m glad it’s over. I’ve talked about spring fever with my art friends and we’re ALL feeling it pretty intensely this year. I have to wonder how other people are dealin with their spring fever, am I the only one who sees a giant increase in art making right now?


*Wordy Wednesday posts are meant to bridge the gap, keep me writing when I’m arting and hopefully arting when I’m writing.