thoughts on drawing-a-day

I’ve been thinking about how I’m going to continue with the drawing-a-day project. I’m devoted to it, but there are some days when I am simply not going to be able to do a drawing. I get stuck in traffic, or have a ton of errands; you know regular life stuff that gets in the way of good times. I’m thinking of how I can continue with the drawing-a-day but with a  few built in excuses.

I made it through week 1, but barely. I made it 10 days and then my allergy meds kicked my butt (got to love spring) and then last night I cooked dinner and fell asleep.

I think that on those days I can’t do the drawing-a-day I won’t stress over it. You know, life gets in the way. Until I’m doing art every day for a living I have to be aware that I can’t do it all. Even if I want to.

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