Wordy Weekday other than Wednesday: Rethinking

So I did a satirical drawing of someone.

This is not unusual.

I posted about it on FB and a friend messaged me to let me know some of my info might not be right. So I asked her to fully explain.

I decided to wait until I heard back from her to post my drawing-a-day from yesterday.

Why? Sometimes it's not time to draw the guns until they are needed. (That'll be another drawing a day subject!) So I'm waiting until a descision is made before I publish my piece.

I stand by the quote I was given, that part is true. But posting at this juncture will do no good. So, in a week or 2 the drawing will go up.

Am I censoring myself? Yes. But, for right now it's for the good of the cause.

Normally my satrical work is less in the middle of the issues than this piece. In this case the final descision hasn't been made and posting the image in question, while I certainly don't think it will sway the choices the board makes, certainly won't garner the group any favor.

I bite my tongue.