Art Journaling Ning News

I’m really excited to announce that we have 2 new workshops!

The first is In the Sun and is run by the wonderful Natalie Malik of If you aren’t familiar with Natalie’s stuff, head over to her blog and check it out. Her techniques are great and her blog is wonderful! (Seriously good art journal reading!)

She says of her workshop, “In The Sun is a free, follow-along online art journaling course that will fill up your boring summer days with fun, easy prompts and techniques in your journal.”

Sign up for it here!

The second workshop is run by little ole’ me and is called “Cult of Stuff” and is a spin off of my recent series of rants, ahem, posts about the “Cult of Stuff.”

The idea behind this workshop is that it gets you delving into your pile of accumulated supplies and really exploring them. It’s a short 4 week explosion of journaling goodness.

Head over to AJ Ning and sign up for it.

Both of these classes are on the donation system, meaning that neither has a set price and you are welcome to donate as much or as little as you are able.