Review: Poppin’s write-now Notebook

A few weeks back I read a post on notebooklovespen about a company that intends to sell color coordinated and stylish office supplies. A quick look at their product range shows a variety of cool looking and inexpensively priced items. They were offering a giveaway and I managed to snag 2 of their notebooks; one each of red and black. The packaging they arrived in was a nicely sized and colorful box with branded air bubbles and a cardboard piece that said “pleased to meet you” in a speech bubble above a staple remover. That packaging reminds me of the heyday of the dot com boom where a company would send you a giant package of branded product to try and get you to sign up for their particular product. Does anyone else remember AuctionRover?*

The notebooks measure 5×8.25 inches (129x210mm) and is filled with ivory lined paper. The cover is made of textured pleather and feels like a cross between the soft cover moleskine and an EcoSystem notebook. The elastic is a nice shade of gray and while snug stretches enough to allow for stuffing of the notebook. In the back is a roomy pocket and attached to the spine is a silvery gray place marker. The flyleaf has a series of boxes for you to put your name, address, title of the volume, and other assorted information.

Inside you find ivory colored pages with pale gray narrow ruling and some unusual margins. The for edge side of the paper has a very narrow margin, perfect for those of you in the GTD camp who like to check off your to do list as you move down it, or those of us who like to date our to do list. This would actually make a fantastic planner for someone who works off a task list. (Like the Pig Pog PDA) The header is ruled off with 3 boxes, one large and 2 small. It is an unusual and interesting ruling combination, and I like it.

The paper itself reminds me a lot of my old moleskines. It does feather with many FP inks and broader nibs will bleed and soak through like crazy. The ruling is ever so slightly raised and it does resist fountain pen ink. I do like the ruling because it’s so pale that it’s unobtrusive when a page is filled with text. Similar to the pale gray dots on a Rhodia Dot pad, these pale gray lines seem to disappear when the page is filled. The paper itself is smooth and really nice to write on, my other ink pens work just fine with this paper. In fact my broad nibbed lamy filled with Noodler’s Black didn’t soak through the page and only bleed through in places where I allowed my nib to rest for too long. My Platinum Preppy M nib did fine on this paper and did not show any bleed or show through.

I’ve been testing my toner transfer technique in this notebook and find the pages are taking to the technique very well. I’m getting crisp and clear transfers. I’m going to test out doodling and sketching in here to see how it responds. I suspect that like my fountain pen testing I’ll have to be careful with my selection of inks on this paper but I won’t let that stop me.

I’m not sure on the price point of these notebooks but I expect them to be in synch with the rest of their product line, ie a little higher than regular office supplies but not outrageous.

Take a look at some of the pics below:



  • IMG_2992
  • Ink mix0080
  • IMG_2991
  • Ink mix0078
Ink mix0078 goes live in June, so check their site out then.

 I've read that teh small version of these will be $5! If the large size is inline with that it will be a winner and trump, in my opionion, the Moleskine.


*AuctionRover was a site that helped you to manage your eBay and other auction sites in one app that resided on your computer, you could create your listing in HTML and load it to all 3 or 4 auction sites that were around before eBay emerged as a clear winner. If you signed up for the site they mailed you a box full of branded stuff- tape, t-shirt, post its, note pads and other assorted goodies. The site itself was great, it really simplified selling on multiple sites, but the real issue was that after eBay emerged as the winner there was no real reason to use their product. So they mailed out thousands upon thousands of these goodie boxes and then went belly up. They never adapted to the changes of the marketplace. Sad really, they had some great ideas.