Beverly Arts Festival 2011

I spent the AM at the Beverly Art Festival, a yearly arts event here in my little city. I was struck by the contrast in the “nice” part of the city and the other part of the city. Cabot street has been beautified and streets blocked off for the festival, which routes traffic through the other parts of the city. It would be really nice to see the city expand the festival to the small park just off the main street and have some live local bands in the Gazebo. (Just a thought.)

I was able to meet a few really neat artists and peruse their wares.

The following people were of interest and had some great work for sale:

Altered Perceptions– a couple of ladies who make altered books and journals. Their work is very interesting and pretty affordably priced. It’s the first time I’ve seen a journal and thought, “That’s to pretty to use!”

Pins with a Past– jewelry made from found objects. ARGH GEARS so many gears, if I’d had the cash I’d have gotten a pendant. Very cool stuff.

Little House Art, aka  Tony Ziegler. He makes this fabulously simple art that he sells at affordable prices. He’s really nice too.

I also saw a local flamenco dance instructor and her students dance as well as the local Tae Kwon Do academy demonstrate their classes as well as their work. Check out my pictures for some high flying action shots and some graceful dance.

There were only 2 local food vendors there, a hot dog sales man and the local Indian place. Yum, mango lassi!