Technique Tuesday: Watercolor Water Application

This week’s technique Tuesday is ridiculously easy.

It’s this:


I know, you are thinking, it’s a bottle with water in it, with a narrow tip. You think I’m crazy. Hold up, let me explain. This is a fabric dying squeeze bottle. Available for about 80 cents at artist & craftmans. People who dye stuff use it to apply tiny small precise amounts of dye to things like silk. It will dispense a fine line or a single drop of liquid.

I read a blog post that suggested that people use an old eye drop bottle to apply controlled droplets of water into a watercolor palette instead of a mister bottle to wet the palette, which is what I’ve been using until now. As many of you who have been reading this for any period of time know, I have allergies, I use massive amounts of eye drops so I don’t look like I’m crying constantly. (Seriously I use a lot of them.) Anyway, I’ve kept the bottles until now to use with ink. But the last time I was at A&C I was poking through the small baskets of stuff and found these (apparently I did this once before too as I found another of them) little bottles. At 80 cents Jane and I both bought one.

And it’s perfect, it dispenses one perfect drop or several with ease and only in the pan I want it in rather than EVERYWHERE like the mister.

It also keeps the water pristine, I’d like to see you stick a brush into the tip! It fills easily, either by sucking water in or by removing the little tip and running it under running water.