Technique Tuesday: Grunge Glaze

Last week I mentioned distressing and grunging a journal color wiht my grunge glaze,  so this week I’m going to tell you about my mix for what I call “Grunge Glaze.” It’s a special blend of colors to give me a perfectly abused and dirty look to any page. Here’s the  recipe:

  • 1 part Carbon Black
  • 1 part Burnt Sienna (Red Oxide would work too)
  • 1 dash Burnt Umber (this can be skipped or another color added to warm or cool the mix)
  • 2 parts gloss gel medium (add more if you want more transparency.) Use glaze medium if you want a fluid grunge glaze. I like my glazes thick so that I can have brush strokes show up as thicker layers of color.
  • 1 dash retarder (skip if you want it to dry fast, add more if you want it to dry more slowly.)
  • Put all of this in a jar with a lid and mix well. Adjust as needed.

I spread this on with a rag and rub it in and off as I want a heavier or lighter coat. It dries pretty quickly so I can layer it easily. A spritz of water before fully dried allows you to lift more off than with a dry rag.

Go forth and make glaze mixes and call them fun things.

I know I've harped on this time and time again (as far back as my participation in 21 Secrets) but you don't need to buy those premixed glazes. You can mix your own. This is just one example of a glaze you can mix with gel medium or glaze medium. Share recipes in the comments!