Morning Walking

Yesterday I went to my favorite beach for a morning walk, because I do that kind of stuff now; I walk in the morning before work. Just thinking of the idea of it makes my head hurt. I park my car, get out my camera, and start walking.

Then I hear them, 3 loud obnoxious trophy wives who are also walking on the beach with their 3 loud obnoxious expensive small trophy dogs. The miniature poodle and the jack russell were playing, ie attempting to dominate one another, loudly; while the corgi simply looked distressed and kept walking away from the hot mess, which incidentally is what the corgi's owner was doing as well, clearly they were both dragged along to an outting that was supposed to be fun but ended up in one dog/trophy wife attempting to dominate the whole group.

Meanwhile I'm not headed anywhere onto the beach because none of the dogs are on a leash and only one of the women is making any sort of attempt to control her dogs; except the corgi's owner who's appeared to be containing herself but heeled on command.

It's 5:30am and the loudest of the group has a Starbuck's cup. Now I know for a fact that only one of the starbuck's in Beverly open before 5:30am and it's not the one on this side of town so, either this woman is traveling to the ghetto for her coffee, or is washing and reusing her cups OR she's sipping cold coffee from the day before. Since she's on foot I seriously doubt that she travelled to my hood before going to the beach. I'm not judging either way, but how about she get a reusable mug?

The whole scene made me grumpy. I wanted to take some sun rising pictures of the far end of the beach up close. Instead I had to listen to loud talking woman with her mystery coffee, who became louder when the group saw me, and their obnoxious dogs barking.

Anyway. The whole thing made me feel like this: