Observations on the iPod Touch

I've been shooting some new videos with my iPod touch. Using eht regualr camera on it led to some really pretty decent videos. I was estatic. It also made uploading a breeze. One of the issues that I've had with my Everio is trying to figure out which video format do I save in? I really don't want to mess around with that, I want to add a few titles, trim the crap off and upload it. Easy.

The iPod with out iMovie won't let me edit or add titles. It's a one shot video and then upload. I could upload to yutube and use their editor. But I don't want to put stuff up love and then worry that I'll have an embarassing moment of picking my nose or swearing visible. iMovie was $4.99 and well worth the $5.

One thing that I noticed is that it takes more than double the amount of time to load to YouTube as the plain uploader. So what I've learned to do is export to the "camera roll" on my iPod and then upload to YouTube. Much faster. The iCamera app will also let you load directly to vimeo as well, which is nice.

Anyway, check out my videos on youtube: