Thinning the Herd

During my period of less tweeting and more action I went through my blog reader and culled out the following:

  • blogs that seemed like adverts
  • blogs that only focus on the pretty
  • blogs that were product focused
  • blogs that were focused on making the person out to me something they aren’t
  • anything that didn’t inspire/interest me

I focused on blogs that I go back to and read again and again. Blogs with good instructional content. Blogs with great photos and discussion. Blogs about the messy part of art. Blogs about the hard parts of art. Blogs about exploration; of the world and mind.

I was left with a handful of good blogs, blogs I read every time they post, blogs that if they don’t post I wonder where they’ve been, and when they do post I think, “YES!”

There’s a ton of info out there to filter through and sometimes it’s overload.

I’m trying to filter it the easy way- using the tools I’ve got.

What do you do to filter the cacophony of info?