Draw for the Trash

Matthew Archambault of Drawing Tutorials Online wrote:

It's super important when drawing that you don't put too much pressure on yourself to draw for the museum wall. Draw instead for the waste paper basket and you too will have that care free attitude when it comes to drawing.

It's a point I've been thinking about over and over and over again for the last few months. A question I've asked myself repeatedly is, "Why do I enjoy sketching and drawing so much but many people I've met don't?" I think Matthew's point is exactly why. When I'm working in my art journal I'm not thinking about making great art or a finished page. I'm simply working on the page, a page isn't good or bad, it just is.

This is a drastic difference from the way I see many new art journalers approach their page. They want each page to be a perfect piece and get very discouraged when the page doesn't end up just as it is in their head. Putting pressure on yourself to create exactly what is in your head is a exercise in frustration and I think it's why so many people give up on art journaling and return to scrapbooking.

I always put an emphasis on process in my classes and on my own art. Process will eventually get you to the end result you seek, it isn't an easy or guaranteed path but it's rewarding.