My YouTube Channel Name

Since it comes up pretty often, here is the offical story of my youtube channel's name.

I intended for it to be ComfortableShoesStudio just like this website. Seems easy right? Except YouTube only allows 20 characters in a name… I Typed in the full name and didn't look to see that it was right. Bad move. CSS is 22 characters long. YouTube dropped the I and O off the end. After signing up I stayed logged in and loaded my first few videos. Then I loaded a few more. 

6 months later I ended up signed out and couldn't log in. I requested my password to be sent to my email on file. It was then that I realized that I was signed up as ComfortableShoesStud. *Headdesk* At this point I'd already loaded up a bunch of videos and had a bunch of views, so I figured, screw it, leave it as is.

Lesson learned though, ANY time I sign up for something I check to make sure that everything is spelled correctly before hitting "Agree" or "Continue!"