I created a tiny little swirl on twitter yesterday when I responded to #talkart and said, “I price to move, reasonably, so anyone can afford”.. Many people disagreed with me. I’ve always thought about art as a by the people for the people sort of thing and frowned upon people who felt that art was a higher calling.

I have always looked at art as a form of communication, a way for me to get these ideas out of my head that don’t  have words, just visuals.

I’ve always wanted to share that with people. Its part of the reason I started the blog, Art Journaling Ning, my zines, and my art. Communication- Sharing

It’s why I was a teacher and why I continually seek to teach, here, ning and now I’ll be doing classes in person.  It’s also why I sell my art at the price I sell it. People tell me it’s low. I tell them it’s my price, my right to set it at what I want. I could do prints but I don’t like the idea of them, plus, for the price of a print you can get an original piece of art to hang.

I want everyone to be able to save up and afford an original of my art. Everyone deserves to have real art in their home.

I’ll price larger pieces differently, but for now, the 5×7 pieces remain at their current price point.