State of the Weekend

The weekend was a split here- one shiny sunny gorgeous day and one much needed rainy chilly day. Saturday I met with Jane to discuss our progress on Put it on Paper or as I like to call it PioP (pronounced pie-op, like some secret operation involving pie…) We've both made great progress on our respective parts. It's so nice to go to a great little coffee shop get a great cup of coffee and talk about art related things as well as the business of starting up a new zine.

I picked up a copy of Sony Vegas for video editing. Supposedly it's got more oomph than the program I've been using and ehhh, well, I'm learning it. It's slow going. The set up  make more sense to me as I've been using it but it does have a large learning curve. The good thing about it, is that it's relatively popular, unlike the last program I was using that had never been updated from the moment I bought it. The next goal is to get a better camcorder and some audio recording equipment. Hopefully as I learn the new program  my videos will only get better and better.

I didn't get  a lot of drawing done, actually I spent much of my time writing things that needed to be written.