Elements of Inspiration

If you've been reading this blog for any time You know I love to read Robert Genn's twice weekly writings. He and his daughter are both artists. Right now they are taking a helicopter trip to the peaks of a mountain and painting with a group. He writes about the excess of inspiration they find at the peak of a mountain and how you can search for better compositional elements where ever you find yourself.

I agree.

What inspires you?

I was speaking with a friend of mine about how certain things get my creative mojo going, like a walk to the cafe, a nice cuppa something hot and coffee flavored, and then a wander around the city.

Parked on Cabot Street during the Sketch Up I realized that the urban landscape inspires me as much as the natural. I need to train myself away from literal details. For instance, the Brown's of Beverly building has six windows on the left side not 3. I felt 3 worked better with my image than 6. 6 would have made that side too busy.

I love the Brown's building. In the AM it's lit up gold from the rising sun and as the sun sets the opposite side glows in the sun. It's a great building.

I hope to get a decent painting done of some of the buildings around me that give me inspiration. Maybe that will be my next chip in campaign.