Sometimes it's good to get back to your art journaling roots. This past week I grabbed a cheapo journal out of the bin and started at it. I'd written some rants and ravings on the first dozen or so pages and I wanted to draw on them, so I had at the journal with acrylic paint.

I started out with pages that had been written on in waterbased ink. I scraped a layer of paint over that, allowed it to dry, then added another color.

On some of these pages I doodled. Others I wrote.

After i got past the written on pages I collaged on pages from a telephone book. Once the gel medium was dry I tore the edges and pulle dup the bubbled areas. Then scraped more paint over those.

On many pages I stenciled.

The final layer is a smooth thin final coat of titanium white. Super thin, the colors and ink still showing through.

After all that I will draw and write on the pages with sharpie and a variety of ink pens. I might add more layers of paint, or stencils.

I've chosen stencils with shapes I cut and designed that have meaning to me. Mostly they are simple designs, gears show up.