Cutting Bristol Board on the Crapcut

I wrote about my bookmarks in my last post. The cricut did admirably with the thick bristol board I was using, hardly board weight really, but more heavy weight paper. Canson XL bristol to be exact. I get it in 11×14 inch pads for a decent price and really like how it works with my recent paint scraping and stencil work.

As long as the paint layer was thin enough the cricut did just fine, if the paint was slightly thicker not so much. Also the paint and paper dulled the blade quickly, though the blade was already pretty dull anyway. I had to mess around with the pressure (high) and # of cuts (2) and speed(fast.) It also did okay with medium pressure and 3 cuts on fast speed.

Of course right after doing bristol I tried to cut thin painted paper with the same blade, not my best idea. After cutting bristol and painted bristol i'm pretty sure I'll need to change blades everytime, but I haven't tried it with a brand new blade.