PostSecret at Endicott College

you’ve followed me on twitter or facebook for any amount of time you
know I’m a huge fan. I’ve been watching the site for
years now. I’ve watched it grow from something small to being a huge
hit. If you aren’t familiar with the site, Frank invites you to send a
postcard containing your secret to him completely anonymously. I’ve seen
a great many secrets that resonate with me, and perhaps that’s why I
continue to go to the site every Monday to see the Sunday secrets. Maybe
it’s because I’ve got a few secrets of my own, or maybe I find it to be
a deeply interesting idea. Whatever it is, you should check out the
site, and maybe send your secret into Frank.

I've been waiting for years to see Frank speak somewhere near me. I've missed him a couple of time in Boston and once in another city nearby. When I saw he was going to be at a college in my city, I jumped on the opportunity. I dragged C along for the ride.

If you get a
chance go see Frank speak, I strongly urge you to go. It’s worth your time to hear his beautiful
words, the words of the people there and the images he shares. Take
someone you love, it could change their life, or yours.

(I was only allowed to take pics for the first 5 minutes of the event, after that no photos were allowed.)