Review: Derwent AquaTone Woodless Watercolor pencil

and I had an art day. I went over to her place with some of my materials
and she dragged out her materials and we tested them all out. One of
those materials was the AquaTone woodless watercolor pencils.
had a nice smooth texture as I used them on dry paper, laying down a
nice even amount of color. When I used a wet brush on them they
completely dissolved with a little scrubbing action. The colors moved
around the page well. Used on wet paper the pencil lay down a generous
amount of pigment and are still moveable with a wet brush.  
colors are mostly named after traditional artist colors- burnt umber,
scarlett lake, etc… The colors blend well. Cost is a touch higher than
other watercolor pencils, around $22 for a 12 piece tin. The size of
the pencil is quite generous, they are slightly longer than most colored
pencils and the same diameter without the wood casing. I think the size
and lack of wood makes up for the price.

I really enjoyed using these pencils, the nice texture and size make them a winner in my book.