Sheep, Sheeples, Herd Brain


have used them symbolically in my art dating back to 1999. Somewhere in
the nether reaches of my studio I have a set of small hand carved
stamps, one is a small fluffy sheep the other is a small carver BAA that
fits perfectly inside the sheep. They measure less than one inch in any
direction. I need to find them.

sheep symbolize a couple of things in my art. First and foremost they
symbolize my own herd-like tendencies, the go with the flow laziness. A
tendency toward not asking questions which leads to the eventual
slaughter. Secondly they symbolize herd like people. Yes I know the
whole “sheeple” thing is a tired cliche that’s been overdone, but damn
it, I’ve been over doing it since 1999!

when you see the sheep directed at myself it’s generally a directive
for me to go against the grain and think about what is going on around
me. When it’s directed towards others it’s with disgust at deeds or

I’ve been dealing with some herd like thinking, that includes some
flack and stupidity. It’s caused me some stress and the inevitability of
some distance. I’d go into it more but you know, I can’t not yet. So in
my art journal it stays, eventually you’ll see more of these pages.
Lots more.