A Ditty for my Readers

read a tweet from one of the many people I follow on twitter (I don't remember who) discussing
how people don’t comment on blogs anymore. One of the people responding
said it made blogging feel empty or alone. Another said why bother and
switched off the comments on her blog. So on and so forth, a bunch of
bloggers down on blogging. But why? Comments are certainly validating,
they feel good.

me comments are an added bonus. I know people read, my stats tell me
that. I know that many of my readers prefer to be anonymous, just out
here learning about art journaling, maybe they don’t feel safe yet.
Maybe commenting feels like too much. I used to do that, way back when. I
read a whole lot of blogs about stuff that was of interest to me. I
didn’t feel safe commenting. Until one day I did.

people comment on my blog it’s a little gift from the commentor to me, a
high five. I don’t expect it and I can’t always respond, but I always
adore a comment or two when I resonate with the reader.

You guys are awesome, when you feel like commenting I'll be here, writing, and enjoying your comments like early/late birthday presents.


When I get bored I draw from pictures my friend's load up to facebook. The first image is a friend's father-in-law (I think it wasn't labeled.) The second is another friend's daughter, who is super cute, does not have a pig nose and is a very normal kid. The final image is a friend who I inadvertantly made look like an angry dude, I swear she was super excited in the source picture.