17 of 30 in June

page started with me trying out the pencil then erase method I tried a
few days back. I really liked the destructive nature of the technique
and how it kind of wipes out the writing, this can be effective
mentally.  if you’re looking for that sort of thing. It was just the
thing for today’s writing.

erasing much of the pencil leaving behind just a trace of texture I
transferred a print of my brain drawing. I then layered turquoise
watercolor and while it was still wet used magenta on the underside of
the brain. This moved and blended with the turquoise and created a
vibrant purple.
don’t know why I hadn’t thought to create automatic drawings and then
collage them onto a page. I love it. New favorite thing ever! In this
case I wanted to show a disconnect between the slightly confused looking
face and the brain. Yet it’s connected through the stormy
jellyfish-like tentacles.

page makes me really happy because it perfectly encompasses my thoughts
and feelings on this day. Our dishwasher is on the fritz, the washing
machine decided to fill, but not drain or agitate and it makes a nasty
electrical smell when it tries to agitate. The dishwasher I can
(probably) fix but sadly  the washing machine is beyond my capabilities.
With that negative there comes positive, my upside down tomatoes are
awesome and the slow drip fertilizer system I created works perfectly. I
turn it on for 5 minutes every day and the tomatoes each get just the
right amount of organic liquid fertilizer and none of it drips out and
is wasted. The plants have doubled in size over the last 2 weeks and are
looking strong. My hardy kiwi plants are covered in blossoms and are
gorgeous plants. Due to our cold and wet weather my pink lilies are a
few weeks behind their usual point but this means the blossoms will be
bigger and more amazing. See, lots of good stuff… Also I’ve been
making books like a mad woman, after all, washing machine repair bills
aren’t cheap, hell, a used washing machine on Craigslist isn’t cheap.

The finished image is 5×7 inches and is available matted and ready for framing on etsy here.