20 of 30 in June

So I cheaped out on you yesterday. And I was going to again today. But I got inspired, deiced to work within the boundaries set, but not.

I started with this, and it was going to be all I did. It takes a long time to write that big, it's a 9×12 sheet of paper covered in my chicken scratch flex writing. Sorry it's hard to read.IMAG0813

Then I decided to cut a chunk of it out and glue it to my 5×7 area.
IMAG0814Then I grabbed some junk mail, and cut part of a logo out. Guess I'm in good hands? then I added a print off of my brain drawing. I then went around those 2 pieces with light blue colored pencil. Coloring hard.
IMAG0815Then I added some magenta watercolor around the whole thing. 🙂 AJ Happiness even at 5×7 inches.