9 of 30 in June

page was started by attaching a mask to a page in a 6×8 inch Stillman
& Birn Epsilon sketchbook I then flooded the page with red and
magenta watercolors. After that I let it fully dry. I used my Pentel
pocket brush pen loaded with Platinum Carbon ink to draw some waves. I
used a white china marker to accent the tops of the waves.

that I wanted to create some radiating lines from the heart areas of
the sheep. I used a ruler to mark off the radiating lines. I then filled
every other section with dark blue  watercolor crayon. I wet the
crayons and then scraped it off. I don’t like the effect.

had wanted to keep the sheep white, but I took the mask off too soon,
so I’ve got traces of everything I used on the page within the sheep..

The finished image is 5×7 inches and is available matted and ready for framing on etsy here.