Part 6: Workshops and Classes

This is a begining list of instructors that have technique based instruction. If you know of another person who does online technique based instruction, add a comment and I'll check it out and add them to the list. Just because someone is on this list does NOT mean that I personally endorse them. If I've seen their instruction before I'll make note of it.

Daisy Yellow Clear easy to follow instruction, bright photos, interactive online, thriving FB group.

KellyKilmer Has done a lot of classes. Friendly online, what instruction I've seen is clear and easy to follow. Does reasonably priced online and in person classes.

iHanna Loads of online instruction, clear easy to follow instructions, pretty pictures.

The Land of Lost Luggage I have taken 2 classes with Julie. Instructions are clear, easy to follow and technique based. Videos are a little long and and include every step of the image made with a voice over. It can get boring. BUT the instruction is clear and understandable. After you finish a LoLL course you will know how to recreate the technique.

Joggles (I know nothing of this site, just when I looked it's all technique based mixed media classes.) This is my site. There are free and fee based workshops run by a variety of instructors. These are all technique based. The forums are loaded with artists and journalers sharing their personal techniques. Lots of pictures of art journaling.

Diana Trout Her blog is ful,l of arty goodness and I love her YouTube videos. Her book Journal Spilling is one I suggest to many people when they are looking for a good place to strat with art journaling.

Roben-Marie Smith teachs many technique based classes. I have not personally taken her classes.