A few of my classes require that I make art as part of the class content. For one of the classes I decided to make an altered book into an art journal. I've been adding a little bit to the book here and there.

I started by scraping paint around the book. I used warm colors because they matched the covers. On some pages I've written with sharpies. And on others I've doodled. Oddly I've not added any collage or ephemera from my personal life. I may have to remedy that. IMAG1293
After I scraped paint I then and added some brushed on paint.

Then I doodled and drew. IMAG1292On other pages I wrote.

On some I added more paint. IMAG1294
The pulpy paper is as absobent as a tissue.

I started this page with white and yellow. I doodled on the waves, but left them "blank." IMAG1290Yesterday in class we did an experiential where we interpreted an article we read and discussed with movement. It wasn't dance but movement. Not my usual thing, but the group decided to work with the idea of fluidity and waves.

When I came home I decide to work on the page a little more because it called for it. There is something to the idea of my art journal being a predictive form of art. Though I had read the article in advance of working on the page I wasn't consciously thinking of waves or fluidity. It just happened. Amazing how what I read comes through on the pages of my art journal.

Today I added the blues and greens to the waves with a brush. Then I layered on the primary red and magenta glazes. I used a rough bristle brush to apply the glaze. I removed some of it with an old gift card and a rag.