Art is a Reward

I’ve been rewarding myself for reading articles for my January class by letting myself paint after I read. I’ve been working small lately so I decided to change things up and work big.


To do this I cut open a paper grocery bag, squared it up, then used my create-a-color leads in my E+M holder to work on some BIG automatic drawings.


After the auto drawing is completed I hit the paper with white paint plus one other color to create a scrubby textured background. I don’t try to fill every spot of the background, rather I brush until the brush is empty of paint. (I’m also listening to music while I do this, so each brush stroke works with the beat and sound of the music.


After I get a base color down I start to layer in colors onto the drawing itself. This image is far from finished, I’ll work a bunch more on it to get it to a point that I can call it done.

I was inspired by watching “Exit Through the Gift Shop,” a nifty little documentary supposedly about Banksy but really more about Mr. Brainwash. Neat stuff. i initially thought I might like to create these as a paste up but now realize that it would be a crazy amount of work to paste up on the free wall. So i’m still thinking of something I can put on the free wall, I think it’ll be something like this, likely on paper and not a stencil. Anyway, great movie and these are a lot of fun.