Techniques Today: Printing Things

I'm a huge fan of printmaking and printing things. Years ago I took a monotytpe/print class and I was addicted to the process. However without a press true monotype is impossible. I learned about making gelatin plates at some point over the years and Jane and I tested it out a few years ago. SO MUCH FUN. While this post isn't specifically about gelatin printing (gelli is a brand name of a product) it's about printing in all it's fun filled glory. Oh what fun can be had with a brayer and some paint. Or some plastic sheets and ink.

If you are having problems viewing the video here on my blog, click the title on the top left of the video and it will open in youtube.



Found this lovely vid via Diana Trout's amazing blog.



Of course no post on art journaling and printing would be complete without a few videos by the amazing Traci Bunkers. She has an awesome book. about printing that is very helpful to mine if you are looking for good printing ideas.



Make your own permenant gelatin plate aka gelli plate.

You don't need to have a "gelli" brand plate to print. You can make your own perma-gelatin or you can try a silicone sheet or foam sheet. I picked up a couple of silicone sheets (Used in lockers as message boards) at staples and they work VERY well for gelatin printing. You could also get smooth silicon baking sheets and use them to print.  Ther are MANY possibilities.


You can plan out a gelatin print as well.


Printing can also be done by making your own stamps.