Journal Flips

I thougth I'd do a post of journal or sketchbook flips I really like. What I like about each of these videos is how the person used their journal. Some of them are more art based and more are less so but all really USE their book. To me that is the important thing.

I really dig this flip. First off, look at the cover. That journal has been loved. It's batter and stretched to it's limit. To me that's a sign of how much it's been used. Inside it's pages are pasted in images, newspaper clipings, drawings, notes, paintings, doodles, post cards, etc. This journal has it all. Boy it is amazing. I'd love to sit down have coffee with this person and look through some of her journals.


The style of this journal is entirely different from the last. It's crisp, organized, doodly, and loaded with writing. What I like about this one is that it's the first step into a more visual style of journaling. It uses a lot of writing, and sometimes that's needed, but sometimes, words just aren't enough. I think this journal is a great example of just that bridge between words and images.