Review Policy

Law requires that I notify you if I receive revenue for reviews or other compensations. Thus far in my reviews* I’ve listed if I’ve purchased the item, if it’s been sent to me for review, or simply sent to me for general use. In most cases when bloggers are sent items for free it is in the hopes that we’ll do a positive review. I don’t get a lot of stuff for free, and when I do I don’t always review it. I try to only post generally positive reviews, or reviews which list technical reasons why I don’t find a product of value.

That being said, I don’t review stuff only because I’ve received it. Generally, it’s because I like it. My reviews are honest, so if I generally like something but there is one little detail that I don’t like, I make that known.

I am an Amazon Associate, so any links to amazon are associate links. I get pennies if you make a purchase through one of my links.

I’ve been an associate of European Paper Company, though I’ve removed the link from the sidebar and don’t use the ID anymore. It seemed to be more trouble than it is worth.

I have been sent a free pencil from JetPens. I liked it so I reviewed it. I often link to JetPen, I’m a frequent customer and a happy one.

Anyway. My policy is to review only the things I like (or need to warn you away from) and link to a seller. Sometimes that seller is Amazon and I may make a small profit if you chose ot make a purchase via that link. Other times I link to a seller where I make no profit, mostly because I really like the product and it isn’t available via Amazon.

I also sell my art and books on etsy. I reap all the rewards of your purchases via my shop. As a poor Grad student I usually use the money to pay for books or a cup of coffee.


*As of this writing 2/4/14