Outages and Apologies

I've been with Typepad for nearly 7 years. In those 7years I've rarely had any extended service outages. In the last 30 days I've had 2. Yesterday's lasted for roughly 18 hours and the previous lasted 2 days. Before that I had a few hour long outages, and maybe the longest lasted 3 or 4 hours. Really nothing.

Anyway, my blog was down because Typepad was attacked by a DDOS attack. Very annoying but the reality is that the site shouldn't have been down for hours from a DDOS attack. in addition to the recent outages, I'm annoyed with other issues with Typepad. They've promised an app for android, for over a year, with no satisfaction. The photo uploading is annoying. I can't use my browser's default spell check (which is much easier to use, especially since I've added specialty words) rather I'm forced to use their un-adaptable and clunky spell check.

There have been few updates and changes to the site to make me want to stay with it any longer. In short I'm breaking up with my blogging platform. Consider us separated while I look at other options.

I'm looking closely at other blogging platforms to find one that works best for me. IF you have one that you use, and like, leave  a comment so I can check it out. (If you have a referral code, leave that too, so if I do go with that option I can get you whatever bonuses you get for referring people.)