Review Redux: Staedtler Wopex NEON!

Thanks to Johnny Gamber of Pencil Revolution I got the heads up on the Erasable Podcast facebook group that Staples had the Wopex pencils in neon colors. I had to get a few packs. I ordered them and had them delivered to the store, I had to head to that mall anyway for another errand so the trip wouldn’t take me out of my way. WopexAnyway, Staples ships them to store (and to your house) in an unpadded plastic bag. The packaging of these Wopex is a loose plastic bag with a card insert. Not very sturdy and it allows the pencils to roll around and bang around. One of my packaged had broken tips, but nothing I’d return them for, others have not been so lucky. My advice is to have them shipped to store. The body of many of the pencils was also dirty from the broken tips. This cleaned off pretty easily.WopexWhen they say these pencils are neon colored, they are right, it’s like someone poured a bottle of highlighter ink over the body of the pencil. Intense. The colors are also fantastic. They all remind me of highlighter packaged I picked up in my undergrad. the only difference is that the green and purple pencils will get used. The colors are spectacular. Like the “regular” US version of Wopex, the ferrule and eraser are great. Likewise, the pencil sharpens and writes like a regular Wopex.WopexThe big difference between these and the regular green Wopex is the feel of the outer coating, it’s grippy, slightly rubbery in a different way. I quite like it. It also lacks the black printing for individual sales. So you get a nice silver imprint on one side and nothing on the reverse. WopexAnyway, these are just as nice as the typical US green Wopex, just in bright neon colors!*Wopex

*In addition to liking classy black and adult looking pencils I’m a sucker for crazy bright pencils. I’m a sucker for neon, must be my late 80s and early 90s childhood.