Review: Ticonderoga Neon Erasers

Back to School sale 2020 is upon us. I shall not debate if it is wise or not for all school locations to send their kids back to school or send their teachers into the Covidzone, let it be known that as a former teacher, a sister to a teacher; and the child of teachers, I do not approve.* That said, distance learning needs stationery supplies just like in person learning.

I liked the first iteration of these cheeky little erasers. They feel great in hand and look super cute. This version is no different and if anything even more cute because they are NEON. Hells yes. Again readers if you’ve been here for any period of time you know that I love neon stationery items.

I love this iteration. They erase just as well and feel just as good in hand. They work great for erasing pencil from a variety of papers and work GREAT as a fidget.