Urban Sketching Practice: Drawing Vehicles with Vibes Not Realism

I have been doing more en plein air sketching, what seems to be more commonly known now as Urban Sketching, even when it’s not in an urban environment… this irritates me a bit, as the name change is driven by the algorithm not need or actual use. AS I sketched more locations I noticed that my drawings were okay except for an itemĀ  ubiquitous in US urban and suburban locations- vehicles; specifically cars, SUVS and trucks.

My cars, SUVS, and trucks sucked. Truly awful little gum drops.

I did my usual thing and decided to dedicate some time to drawing them. Not with accuracy, because no, that’s not going to be my thing. Like my portraits I decided to draw them with vibes and not realism. Thus far I’m feeling pretty happy with how they are coming out.

I’m using a combination of contour line drawing and looking at the tonal values- basically lines and shadows. I’m really digging faux ink wash combined with ink wash. REALLY digging using magenta ink on trucks.

Some Videos of me sketching vehicles: