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Top 10 tips for Artists

Kirsty Hall has 10 tips for artists. It’s a great list and everybody should head over and read it.

Excerpt below:

4: Love Your Process

I’ve seen far too many people, particularly at art school, endlessly
struggling with a medium or form that they just don’t enjoy. Why? Art
is hard enough without handicapping yourself with a process that
doesn’t excite you. You need a certain amount of joy to get through all
the bits that you don’t like, so don’t lumber yourself with a form that
just doesn’t do it for you – it’s not noble, it’s just masochistic!

For some reason #4, quoted above really resonated with me. Why was it in art school that I forced myself to labor over acrylics on canvas when I hated it and beat myself up for not using oils? I should have spent my time creating book art, books, sketches and watercolors. I can only imagine the artist I would be now if I focused my time and effort- 4 years worth, on art that I loved!

Don’t think of what you should have done do it.