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Review: NockCo Gigante Folded Index Cards

The Gigante cards measure 3.5×5.5 inches when folded and 5.5×7 inches when unfolded. The ruling is Nock’s dot dash in a very pale purple. The smooth paper is 80lb or 216gsm. It is heavier than most inexpensive index cards on the market.

I tested the cards with all my currently inked fountain pens, an assortment of gel ink, rollerball, ballpoint, and fiber tipped pens. None of them soaked or bled through. The fountain pen ink shows plenty of sheen and glimmer. All my pens felt great on the paper. The experience was much like using any really terrific paper.

The size is very useful. It is the exact same size as a pocket notebook. I immediately popped a few  into my Fodderstack XL, with a few standard sized index cards in the middle. I then added a handful to my Sinclair. I’ve found these useful for information that I know I don’t need to keep for ages and also info that I want to transfer to specific notebooks later. Honestly, I’ve been using them much in the manner that I have used larger post its in my pocket notebook- but they feel more substantial.

These are not cheap cards- $8USD for 25 folded cards. Their standard sized cards (3x5in) are 50 to a pack and $6. Though they aren’t cheap they do perform better than most index cards I’ve used, particularly with fountain pens. Depending on how you use your index cards. If you use them as scratch pads and scrap paper then these may not be a value for you. If however index cards are a major part of your practical carry along with fountain pens, you’ll find these invaluable. Continue reading